Best Robotic Process Automation(RPA)

Advanced automation software that gives everyone, from business users to advanced RPA developers, the right automation tools to build great digital robots.

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Automate processes and accomplish more

  • Let bot find the data and automate your processes.

  • Automates processes better while minimizing human error.

  • Design processes easily with predefined or custom templates.

  • Record processes to design and reuse complex processes.

best robotic process automation

Visual Builder

Users can utilise the Visual Builder to construct custom automations that can be used within applications. Additionally, data from external REST services may be accessed using Visual Builder.

visual builder
build powerful automations

Build Powerful Automations

Create dynamic automations using our comprehensive tools specialised for automation creation. There is no need to download or install any software because Visual Builder is a browser-based programme.

universal access

Universal Access

Make web automations that are responsive by using Botpath. All of the automations you develop are accessible to your users in the universally, from whatever desktop or mobile device they choose.

bot builder

Bot Builder

Create massive, high-tech systems and technologies at low cost, and start reworking existing processes quickly. Have all the robotics, integration, and security features you need.

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Bot Builder

Generate large, high technologies and systems at a minimal cost and initiate revamping further methods with very little time and exertion. Have the robots, integration, and security features you necessitate for all of your methods.

bot builder
custom bots

Custom Bots

Choose between custom made robots, attended and unattended robots, as well as hybrid robots, and run any type of robot securely and flexibly.

designer flow

Designer Flow

Use the combined power of humans and robots. Count on measurement and governance capabilities and tools across the BotPath platform.

cloud testing

Cloud Testing

Organize your tests and run them in a continuous or on-demand fashion. Every group can plan, design, construct, run, and manage automated testing more easily and quickly using Cloud Testing which is also available on-premises or in the cloud.

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Capture Responses

Capture, store, and distribute responses between teams for easy access. When an existing response is used as a template, the process's complexity can be reduced.

capture responses
instant capture

Instant Capture

Utilize the in-app actions to capture processes in the manner you like and to repeat them in order to save employees time and optimize user experience

analyze data

Analyze Data

Observe all events taking place by capturing responses using a recording timeline, which enables you to automate according to user behavior

convert data

Convert Data

Botpath allows you to capture user actions on the screen. It eventually converts them to sequences that can be edited, replayed, and reused indefinitely.

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Workflow Automation

Connect company goals and the work to support them in one place, so you can oversee progress and keep teams on track and see how initiatives are progressing in real time

workflow automation
loop break

Loop Break

Provides everyone, from business users to advanced RPA developers, the right automation tools to build great software robots that allows and give organizations the plan or strategy of shaping tools to manage them all.

single extraction

Single Extraction

Create process maps and documentation with ease. Streamlines business process documentation by meticulously capturing your usual workflows. Your auto-generated process maps will be ready to distribute, and RPA developer teams will be able to begin automating.

multi extractions

Multi Extractions

Export your documentation so that it can be used throughout your company. Export your documentation to Microsoft Word or use BotPath to distribute it to the appropriate teams.

send notifications

Send Notifications

Deploy, send notifications, and manage your enterprise robot workforce. Track and log everything that every robot does, as well as everything everything that people do with robots, so that you can remain compliant and secure.

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Data Management

Forget about connecting each automation to a different enterprise system and have a centralized source for high-quality data, as well as reusable, consistent data conceptual frameworks and factors that can be shared. 

data management
data extraction

Data Extraction

Teach robots how to process documents intelligently, even from PDFs, photos, handwriting, and scans, we can extract, analyse, and process data for you.

log information

Log Information

Discover without being disturbed and safely gather and aggregate employees' precise workflow data—including steps and execution time—without interrupting their work using centralized control from the admin site.

search box

Search box

Remove the uncertainty from your automation journey and determine where automation will add the most value. Allow process mining to assist you in identifying process pain points and bottlenecks, as well as the costs associated with them.

filtered details

Filtered Details

Monitor your processes on a regular basis. Use key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the impact of automation on end-to-end processes and understand what works and what doesn't – and how to keep optimizing.

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Task Capture

Record workflows and repeat them as many times as you want. Reduce the complexity of running a process again and again. Process or workflow recording helps in executing a workflow with ease and also saves time.

task capture
in-app actions

In-app Actions

Use the in-app actions to record processes the way you want and repeat them to save time and increase productivity.

flow editor

Flow Editor

Design workflows to customize your process any way you want.



Simplify re-create processes by playing them back and save time by using the same bot for different tasks.

action timeline

Action Timeline

See all the actions happening at real-time with a recording timeline and see your tasks being automated.

Find out more about Task Capture


Instead of making a map from scratch, you can start with an already-made map and make it fit your business's needs. Also, you can use powerful tools in Botpath to design your RPA process.

automate tasks

Automate Tasks

Avoid manual labour. Allow us to handle it for you. Automation enables you to streamline operations, ensure that essential steps are not missed, and deliver benefits faster.

simplify automation

Simplify Automation

Use Rules to automate routine tasks so your team doesn’t have to think about them. Spend more energy on strategic work, and leave the repetitive stuff to us.

custom rules

Custom Rules

Create your own rules in a matter of minutes with the help of our online toolkit. Everything will run according to plan if everyone adheres to the established processes.

Find out more about Templates

Chrome Extension

Connect company goals and supporting work in one place to monitor progress, keep teams on target, and track initiatives in real time with the help of chrome extension

chrome extension
easy access

Easy Access

The chrome extension provides access to botpath's RPA tools. This aids in time savings and increases employee productivity. You may now rapidly access the automations you've developed on botpath using the chrome addon.

instant automations

Instant Automations

Create dependable bots that are easy to deploy and manage. From the chrome extension, you may access all of botpath's sophisticated features.

run automations remotely

Run Automations Remotely

Create dependable bots that can be swiftly deployed and managed in an organised and simple manner from anywhere remotely. You can simply develop and access automations with the Botpath Chrome extension from anywhere.

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LinkedIn Scraper

Create and deploy intelligent bots without using any code to scrape data of user-profiles and their email IDs from LinkedIn for your business purpose.

linkedin scraper
build smart bots

Build Smart bots

Reduce your repeating efforts by creating smart bots using the no-code builder.

scrape linkedin profiles

Scrape LinkedIn Profiles

Get the profile details of LinkedIn users that are fit for job positions in your company or can be used for sales purposes.

find email addresses

Find Email Addresses

Create sales leads by scraping LinkedIn user email addresses.

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