Task Capture Tool

to automate processes with intelligence

Task capture by Botpath helps you record tasks and automate it to get things done faster.

Task Capture Tool

Easy-to-use process recording software

Record, replay and reuse workflows in as many other processes as you need which helps you save a lot of time while automating business processes.

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in-app actions

In-app Actions

Make use of in-app actions to create processes and see the same being automated using the timeline. Extract data in seconds using action toolbar.

flow editor

Flow Editor

Create a workflow by picking up relevant nodes. This can only happen when a process is designed manually.



Recording captures user's actions on the screen and later converts and in due course converts them into sequences that can be modified, replayed and reused as many times as they want.

action timeline

Action Timeline

View your recorded actions at one place in an unbroken flow so that you get information about how the flow is being generated.

What is a Task Capture Tool?

Task capture tools help teams and individuals track their tasks and project time on a regular basis. This way they can review their work as it progresses, ensuring that no important aspect is being left behind.

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